In your office, you’re already focused on delivering an excellent patient experience. But a lot happens online before your patients decide to step foot in your office. According to a recent study, 86 percent of patients checked online reviews before choosing their last dentist.

Here’s the truth, the easier it is for your patients to give online reviews, the more likely they are to leave a positive review. More positive reviews lead to better online rankings. Better online rankings make it easier for patients to find your office and schedule that first visit. And, with Patient Engage, that process is virtually effortless for both you and your patients.

When a patient has a positive experience in your office, you can click a button to send them a review request text message.

After a brief one-time setup, that text message will include a link to the review your practice on the review site of your choice. And you can use the intelligent reviews feature to ensure that your patients review your office on the sites that mean the most to you.

Other Patient Engage Reputation Management features include:

  • Sending satisfaction surveys after each appointment to track how patients rate your practice over time.
  • Seeing survey results in the survey dashboard.
  • Reading online reviews directly in the reputation management dashboard.
  • Using the campaign studio to send educational emails and newsletters.

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