Like the adage, “measure twice and cut once,” it is highly recommended that you review your forms before publishing them.

Proofreading is essential for producing high-quality documents. Have a team member review the form, as they may catch errors the creator of the form wouldn’t normally catch. Final reviews can decrease grammatical and technical errors that might confuse your patients or reduce their confidence in your ability to provide quality treatment.

Here’s how to review your online forms:

  1. In Patient Engage, under Communications, open Online Forms and select Form Manager.
  2. Locate the form you want to review and click View.
  3. Click Preview at the top of the page.
  4. Review the questions and layout of the form from the patient’s perspective.
  5. If everything looks good, click Exit Preview.

Patients expect high-quality work from dental professionals, and reviewing your work is one more thing that will ensure a seamless patient experience.

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