Timely communication with patients is essential to your practice. Practices using Patient Engage and Dentrix can now do that more effortlessly than ever with a mobile app.

Patient Engage Mobile brings critical communication tasks to your fingertips, helping you respond to patients and manage tasks when you’re away from the office. Watch the Patient Engage Mobile overview video to see how it can benefit your office.

Read on to learn about five ways you can get the most out of Patient Engage Mobile.

1. Stay Up to Date with Real-Time Notifications

With Patient Engage Mobile notifications, you receive immediate alerts when patients confirm appointments, submit appointment requests, and send two-way texts. Clicking on notifications can reduce the time needed to respond and complete essential tasks because it takes you directly where you need to go in the app.

Read the Patient Engage Mobile overview for more about the types of notifications you’ll receive.

2. Use Appointment Requests to Fill Your SChedule

More and more patients prefer self-scheduling and wait-listing to on-the-phone conversations. You can fill openings in your schedule by accepting appointment requests from existing and prospective patients right from your phone.

The Patient Engage Mobile Appointment Request feature allows you to confirm requests from your patients. The app notifies you immediately when someone makes a request, and the patient’s information will be available on your phone. Read this Help topic to learn more about accepting appointment requests.

3. Improve Patient Satisfaction with TWo-Way Texts

For many people, speed is the most critical communication factor that influences their satisfaction. You can respond more quickly to your patients using Patient Engage Mobile in real-time with two-way texting.

Click here to read more about using text messages in Patient Engage Mobile.

4. Search and Filter Weekly Appointments

Did you know that you can search the weekly appointment requests for specific patient names and filter by status, provider names, and appointment date? Only the requests that meet the search criteria will appear in the results list.

Searches and filters are ideal if you are trying to see all the upcoming appointments for a specific provider or if you want to see all the upcoming appointments that still need to be confirmed.

Click here to learn more about searching and filtering weekly appointments.

5. Access Patient Information On the Go

In Patient Engage Mobile, you have instant access to your patient’s contact information, even if you are away from the office. You can easily search for a patient in the Patients tab. From there, you have all the information you need to contact the patient. You can also view past email and text communications and your patient’s communication preferences.

Read this Help Topic to learn more about accessing patient information.

Keep your practice top of mind as you regularly send patients professional-quality communications. Run your practice from anywhere with access to key features of Patient Engage via your mobile device (iOS and Android). Now you can be notified of and accept appointment requests even when you’re away from the office, as well as view patient information and communicate with two-way text messages.

Learn More

If you haven’t already, you can learn how to download the Patient Engage Mobile App here.

If you’re not currently using Patient Engage or Patient Engage Mobile, visit https://canada.dentrix.com/products/patient-engage or call 833.250.5991. Your account executive is ready to help answer any questions.