It’s the little things that matter. 

I hear that statement all the time being out in the dental industry working with dental practices. I love it when I teach offices something and their eyes light up because they have learned something that is so simple, but makes such a huge impact on their day.

Dentrix is by far the most comprehensive and feature-rich practice management software in the industry and this is why it is the leading software for dentists.  However, when a keystroke or menu maneuver helps you do something better, faster and easier, it is HUGE.

Here are three of the top “Ah-Ha” moments I have seen from my experience training offices to use Dentrix:

Printing a Full Day’s Route Slips

When I walk into an office and I see the Batch Processor with 30-60 single route slips being printed, I know that the office doesn’t know how to print a whole day at a time. It’s easy (and a big time saver!). In the Office Manager, select Reports > Lists > Daily Appointment List, check the option for Patient Route Slips and send them to Batch.

Filtering the Office Journal

I love the Office Journal and I recommend all teams use to document their communication with patients.  However, I find that a lot of offices refuse to use it because it takes so long to load.  Good news! You can filter your Office Journal so it will load less information, which will speed it up.  Open the Office Journal and click on View and then Filters.  Here you can put a check mark next to the information you want to see within the Office Journal, and you can enter a starting date so Dentrix doesn’t look back to the beginning of time. If you’ll use these settings often, consider checking the Save as Default option as well.

Locking Your Computer

Use CTRL + ALT + DEL and select LOCK COMPUTER when you leave your workstation. This way, you do not have to close down all your Dentrix windows to secure your computer. And as an extra security measure, be sure each member of your team practice is using Dentrix passwords.

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Written by Dayna Johnson, Dentrix Certified Trainer