A balanced schedule consists of a mixture of procedures that have high production value (such as crowns, bridges, and endodontics) and low production value (such as composites, extractions, and preventive maintenance procedures).

The Perfect Day Scheduling feature makes it easy for you to create a balanced schedule by setting up “time blocks” to reserve space for specific procedures in your Appointment Book.

  1. Set up time blocks for providers. In the Appointment Book, click Setup > Provider Setup select a provider, and then click Setup. Under Set Time Blocks, click Add. Give the time block a name, assign it a color, select which days the time block should be active, and the associated hours. If needed, set an assigned operatory and select an appointment type for the block, and then click OK.
  2. Enable Perfect Day Scheduling. Once you have assigned time blocks to providers, you can turn on Perfect Day Scheduling the Appointment Book so you have a visual reminder of what types of appointments you can schedule during the day. Click the last button on the toolbar in the Appointment Book to toggle this feature on or off. When turned on, colored blocks appear in the schedule to indicate the types of appointments those blocks are reserved for, which is a great reminder for those working to keep your schedule full.