Updated 5/7/2020

There are a couple of things that all work together when you are re-opening your practice and setting up your schedule again. First you should set up your practice’s default hours, and then make sure that your providers’ hours work within those limits. Finally, you should make sure that your operatory hours correspond with both the practice hours, and provider hours.

Before you adjust an operatory’s hours, appointments within the operatory should be moved. You can move those appointments to the Pinboard, or drag them to other operatories that will remain open.

Once you have moved all appointments out of the operatory you want to close, from the Appointment Book click Setup > Operatory Setup.

  • To modify an operatory’s overall weekly schedule, (days of the week and hours of the day the operatory is available), select an operatory from the list and click Setup. Select the day(s) of the week the operatory will be open. Use the search arrow next to individual days to set the Start Time and End Time when the operatory will be available. The default times match those that the practice is open. Click OK to save your changes. Repeat as needed for additional operatories.

  • To modify an operatory’s schedule for a specific day, select an operatory from the list and click Schedule. A calendar appears showing the days of the week and times during the day the operatory is open. Double-click a date on the calendar to adjust the operatory’s Start Time and End Time as needed. Click OK to save your changes. Repeat as needed for additional operatories.

Use the same steps to if you need to modify an operatory’s hours and availability in the future.

For additional information, see the Setting up operatories and Scheduling events for operatories topics in Dentrix Help.

For information on how to close your office on a selected day, see THIS TIP.