Consider this scenario: You have generated a list of patients with outstanding balances using the Collections Manager. You are working your way through the list, calling patients to talk to them about their balances and explaining their options. But because you are making these calls in between your other front desk responsibilities, you want to remember who you’ve contacted and who still needs to be called.

You can hide patients on the list that you’ve already talked to, but still keep them on the list as having an outstanding balance to be paid.

Here’s how:

  1. From your Collections Manager list, select a guarantor’s name.
  2. Right-click and select Hide Account.

The patient is removed from the list until the next time the list is generated.

Additional Tips

  • After you’ve generated the list and begun making phone calls (or other wise contacting patients), leave the list open. You can minimize the window to work on other tasks and restore the list with your previous settings and patients still hidden when you want to continue working.
  • If you close the list completely, you will have to enter your View criteria again (or generate using the last View settings), but patients previously hidden will be back on the list.
  • For more information on working with the Collections Manager, read the various topics linked to from the Collections Manager Overview topic in Dentrix Help.