We’re excited to announce the release of Dentrix Detect AI and Imaging Center for Canada. With Detect AI, powered and manufactured by VideaHealth, and Imaging Center, Henry Schein One brings the power of artificial intelligence to patient X-ray and image analysis. Dentrix Detect AI and Imaging Center require an additional purchase and are available now.

Seamless Workflow Integration

As you open images to view them within the Patient Chart, Dentrix Detect AI analyzes them at the same time and displays results within just a few seconds. You’ll receive support in detecting patient conditions faster and help patients better understand proposed treatments so they can achieve better patient care.

With Dentrix Detect AI, you can:

  • Analyze images in real time
  • View indications on X-rays that can assist dentists, in conjunction with additional outputs/symptoms, in detecting caries
  • View radiographic bone loss (RBL) measurements more easily
  • Have more confidence in your diagnoses and help draw attention to areas of possible concern

Dentrix Detect AI is fully integrated with Dentrix G7.3 and higher, and is Health Canada licensed.

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