Patients sometimes come to you with interesting requests. We’ve been hearing recently of patients asking to see all of the payments they made last year, but they don’t want to see any of the transactions or clinical history. Just the payments.

Dentrix has a hidden-away feature that is very helpful for this request—the Search Payments option. Ordinarily, you might think to use this tool if you suspected that a check had been credited to the wrong account or wondered which Ledger a cash payment had been recorded to. Search Payments is great for that kind of thing, and it can also create a nice report about specific payments too.

After opening Search Payments, which can be found in the File menu of the Ledger, (1) Enter the date range, (2) choose the account’s Head of Household in the Select Guarantor field, and (3) click Search.

After the list of payments is generated, you will be able to (4) click Print in the lower-left corner to generate a list of the payments on this account.

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