Have you ever wondered what benefit online forms have over paper forms?

Online forms help to speed up the check-in process and ease your workload. No more trying to decipher your patient’s handwriting and uploading that information manually to your computer. Instead, patients can fill out forms before they arrive for their appointments. Plus, online forms are eco-friendly and save you the money and time you would have spent buying ink and paper, printing, and organizing your form at the front desk.

Here are the 3 most used online forms in dental offices:

  • New Patient Registration Form: Patient registration forms should be simple, easy to understand, and only ask the questions that are necessary for intake.
  • Medical History Form: The ADA recommends updating your patient’s medical history at least every two years. We recommend automating this process with online forms.
  • Patient Screening Form: Before each visit, patients should verify that they are free of symptoms of contagious diseases such as the flu and COVID-19.

Patient Engage has templates you can use as a starting point for creating commonly used forms, and then have them available for patients to fill out online.

How to access form templates:

  1. Under communications, click Online Forms and then click Forms Manager.
  2. Click + Add New and either click Blank Form to create a new form from scratch or select an existing form template.

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