Holding a daily huddle with your team helps you prepare for the day, monitor progress on monthly goals and improve your business operations and patient care. Because having a daily huddle is so important, Dentrix includes the Daily Huddle Report that gives you quick access to the important information you need.

The Daily Huddle Report lists daily practice statistics about production, collections, case acceptance, new patients and scheduling. You can use the information in the Daily Huddle Report to review the events of the previous day and make plans for the current day.

To run the Daily Huddle Report:

  1. In the Office Manager, click the Practice Advisor toolbar button.
    Note: The Daily Huddle Report and the Practice Advisor Report share the same setup options. If you have not set up either report, or you want to change the settings for the Daily Huddle Report, click Practice Advisor Setup.
  2. In the Practice Advisor dialog box, click Daily Huddle Report.
  3. Specify the report options and sections you want to include.
  4. Click Preview to run the report.

For more information about the Daily Huddle Report, read the Running the Daily Huddle Report topic in Dentrix Help.

For information about specific sections of the Daily Huddle Report, click on the various topics under Daily Huddle Report in Dentrix Help.