We live in a modern age. Just about everyone has a cell phone or an email address, and it is probably part of your new patient forms to gather this information. But what about your current patient base. Do you have that information for them?

One quick way to know which of your current patient records need this information updated is by using the Daily Huddle Report. Because this report is based on the patients being seen for today’s appointments, you can set this report to flag patients who don’t have an email address or mobile phone number entered in Dentrix. Then you can ask for that information when they check in for their appointment later today.

Here’s how:

  1. In the Office Manager, select Analysis > Practice Advisor and then click the Daily Huddle Report button.
  2. Set filters for the Daily Huddle Report as needed, and click Scheduled Patients Setup.
  3. Under Select Report Sections & Order, make sure that the Patients who have No Email Address and Patients who do not have a Phone # boxes are checked.
  4. Under Select PHONE Number Types, select Mobile.
  5. Set other options and filters as needed and click OK.
  6. Click Preview to view the report.

The Scheduled Patient Summary page of the report will list all of today’s patients and identify which of those patients don’t have email addresses and/or mobile phone numbers in Dentrix. When those patients come in for their appointments today, you can gather that information and add it to their Family File.