The Treatment Manager is the perfect tool for finding groups of patients who have previously had treatment diagnosed, . It’s easy to create a view in the Treatment Manager that will generate a list of active patients who have had procedures treatment-planned within the last 12 months so you can get them scheduled.

To create this Treatment Manager View:

  1. From the Appointment Book, click the Treatment Manager button.
  2. In the Patient Status field, select Patient, to only include patients with that status in the generated list.
  3. In the Treatment Plan group box, enter a range of treatment plan dates from one year ago, through today.
  4. Click OK to load the filters and display the list of matching patients.

Additional Information

  • Use the patient range option to make contact more manageable by limiting the size of your list. For example, run the list for patient within the last name range of A – J. After working through that range of patients, run the list again for patients with names in the K – S range.
  • If you are only looking to schedule patients with specific treatment-planned procedures, in the Treatment Plan group box, under Procedure Code, enter a range of applicable procedures.
  • To include grand totals of each column at the bottom of the list, check the Show Totals option.
  • You can choose which information is displayed on the list, and in which order, by clicking the Show Columns option, and making your selections.
  • For more information on setting Treatment Manager filters to find specific groups of patients, see the Setting Up a Treatment Manager View topic in Dentrix Help.