Happy New Year! As you are preparing your practice for the upcoming year, I suggest you reflect on the previous year. What worked for your office and what didn’t, and what does your practice hope to achieve in 2021?

Here are some things you can do in Dentrix when planning for the new year:

Setting Your Office Goals for 2021

Take some time to meet with your doctor and discuss the practice production goals for 2021. In Dentrix, goals are entered by provider. To calculate the monthly goal, take the provider’s daily production goal and multiply it by the number of days that provider will work that month. For example, if your hygienist’s daily production goal is $1000, and she’ll be working twenty days in January, then her January production goal will be $20,000. 
Enter a monthly goal for each hygienist and doctor in your practice. Goals and scheduled production can be viewed in the Dentrix Appointment Book by clicking on the calendar icon and then clicking Scheduled Production. You can set up views in the Appointment Book to view one provider at a time, or multiple providers. Scheduling production goals for your office can help the office stay on track to meet goals. It is also helpful to have production goals when scheduling so that your team can schedule higher production cases in order to meet your practice goals. 

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Closing the Office for 2021 Holidays

Set up your office schedule for the coming year by closing the office for holidays in 2021. For example, if your office plans to take time off for Victoria Day, and/or between Christmas and New Year, it’s a good idea to set the office schedule before entering practice production goals, because practice production goals are generally set up based on the days the office will be seeing patients. It’s important to note when setting your office schedule, if you set a yearly holiday, it is based on a specific date. So, while this feature will work for a holiday like Christmas Day, it won’t work for a holiday that the date changes every year, like Canada Day. 

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Evaluate Your Office Fees

Do you plan to increase your fees for 2021? Whether you plan to increase your fees or not, it’s a good idea to evaluate them on an annual basis to ensure your practice fees are competitive for your area. Your Henry Schein rep can help you by generating a report which will show you how your office fees compare to others in your area. If you decide to increase your office fees, it can be done by a percentage or by a dollar amount in the fee schedule set up in the Dentrix Office Manager. 

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Taking some time now to prepare your office for 2021 can help to set your practice up for success! 

Written by Charlotte Skaggs, Certified Dentrix Trainer