When you add new patients to Dentrix, you need to designate someone in the family as the “responsible party.” Dentrix refers to that person as the Head-of-House (or Guarantor). As you are designating head-of-house, keep the following in mind:

  • The first patient added to a family is automatically designated as the head-of-house.
  • Dentrix addresses all account correspondence (billing statements, letters, etc.) to the head-of-house.
  • Dentrix attaches any financial transactions (payments, finance charges, etc.) not attached to a specific patient, to the head-of-house.
  • The head-of-house can be a non-patient.

For more information about adding new family accounts or how to change the Head-of-House in Dentrix, see the Adding New Family Accounts or Changing a Head of Household topics in Dentrix Help.