If you enter new patients without including a referral source, your practice is missing some great opportunities! Without this valuable referral information, you limit your reporting options to know which of your advertising methods is the most effective. You also miss the chance to thank your most productive referring doctors or patients. It is especially important for periodontal, pediatric, or other specialty practices to track where your new patients are coming from.

Yet when you are in the rush of checking in new patients, the step might not seem important. It is so easy to skip over collecting and documenting that simple referral information.

To make sure that this step is not overlooked, Dentrix G7.3 now offers two new options:

When creating a new patient file, the Referred By field is now available within both the Head-of-House Information and Enter New Patient Information windows.

An office administrator can now set the Referred By field as required when entering new patient information. In the Office Manager, click Maintenance > Practice Setup > Preferences and check the box next to Require Referred By for new patients.

This new feature in Dentrix G7.3 will help you stay on top of your new patient referral sources so you can track, expand, and reward those sources!