Outstanding treatment plans can be one of the most valuable sources of revenue for your practice. With the Practice Treatment Case Report, you can generate lists of patients with treatment plans based on a number of filters, including:

  • Case Status – find patients with treatment cases that have been set to Created, Presented, Proposed, Accepted, and so forth.
  • Procedure Code Date Range – find patients with procedures treatment planned within a specific date range.
  • Case Fee Expiration Date Range – find patients with treatment plans that expire within a specific date range.
  • Case Severity – find patients who have treatment plans marked with a specific case severity.

When scheduling patients after re-opening your practice following the COVID-19 closure, for example, it might be important to contact those patients who had their Case Severity set to Immediate schedule them for appointments as soon as possible.

To print the Practice Treatment Case Report:

  1. In the Treatment Planner, from the File menu, click Print > Practice Treatment Case Report.
  2. Select filters for the type of information you want to include in the report.
  3. To preview the report before printing, select Print Preview.
  4. Click OK to print the report.

Similarly, you can print a Patient Treatment Case Report to see a detailed report of treatment plan cases entered for a specific patient.

For information on generating this report, see the Printing Practice Treatment Case Reports and Printing Patient Treatment Case Reports topics in Dentrix Help.