Do patient Health History pop-up alerts appear every time you open a Dentrix module, edit a patient’s appointment, or open their Ledger? Do you find it annoying to have so many alerts constantly pop-up?

By customizing Health History General Settings, you can select the Dentrix modules and/or actions in Dentrix where you want those pop-up alerts to appear.

Follow these simple steps to set your alert options in Health History:

  1. Open the Health History module (with or without a patient selected).
  2. Click the Setup icon in the top left corner (the one that looks like a gear wheel).
  3. Make sure the General Settings tab is selected.
  4. Click to highlight the area(s) in Dentrix or actions in Dentrix where you want Health History pop-ups to display.
  5. Click Close to save your settings.

Note: The alert options you set here will only apply to patients who have the Display Pop-up Alert for the Patient option selected for each of their individual medical conditions, allergies, and/or medications.

That’s it! Your Health History pop-up-alert settings are now customized to your specifications, and will be reflected on all workstations.

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