In the Family File, by default the Patient Note block is set to keep your patient notes hidden. Therefore, it takes an extra click to view the note. If you’re like other offices, you use the notes found in this block to remember general information about your patients, such as vacations, kids, pets, hobbies, talents, etc. So you might not feel an urgent need to keep these notes hidden.

Good news… You can save yourself a mouse-click by setting the note to always be visible!

In the Office Manager, select Maintenance > Practice Setup > Preferences. At the right, under Additional Options, select Auto View Patient Note in Family File and select OK.

If needed, you can always hide individual notes in a patient’s Family File by clicking the Hide button in the Patient Notes block, as well as turn off the function for all patients by unchecking the box in Preferences.

To learn more, see the Setting Dentrix Preferences topic in Dentrix Help.