It can be hard to get patients to accept preventive treatment or treatment for things that aren’t currently bothering them or causing them pain. For example, many patients don’t want to get scaling and root planing because they will have to pay for it out of pocket, and they aren’t feeling the effects of gum disease yet.

When that happens, it’s a good idea to focus on increasing case acceptance and completing treatment for those specific procedures. And there’s an easy way to monitor the results of your efforts.

You can use the Treatment Plan Statistics Report to compare the amount of treatment diagnosed for a specific procedure code with the amount of treatment completed for that same procedure code. You can also see what percentage of diagnosed treatment has been completed. That way you can see exactly how well you’re doing at convincing patients to get the treatment they need.

To compare treatment plan and completion statistics for specific procedure codes:

  1. In the Office Manager, click Reports > Management > Treatment Plan Statistics Analysis.
  2. Set the following report options, and then click OK to generate the report:
    • Check Comparison for Completed Procedures.
    • Enter the date ranges you want to compare for Treatment Plan Date Range and Completed Procedure Date Range.
    • Enter the Procedure Code Range you want to monitor.
    • Select By Procedure as the Report Format option.

If you want to compare your results from last month with your results this month, generate two versions of the report, one with the date range for last month and one with the date range for this month. Then you can compare the two to see how much you’ve improved.

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