Some medical information is too important to overlook. That’s why Dentrix G7.1 allows you to display a pop-up Health History Alert when you select a patient that has certain health history conditions.

When you attach a medical condition or allergy to a patient, look for the Display Pop-up Alert for this Patient option.

With this option activated, when you select this patient in other areas of Dentrix, a large Health History Alerts window will show you all of the medical alerts and conditions for the patient that have been designated as pop-up alerts.

Because we are so excited about this new feature, here are two more bonus tips:

Bonus Tip #1: Choose Where to Display Alerts

You can select which Dentrix modules these pop-up alerts are displayed in. For example, you might want to see them when you open the Chart, but maybe not when opening Continuing Care. In Health History, click the Setup button in the top right corner, click the General Settings tab, and highlight which areas you’d like the pop-up alert visible.

Bonus Tip #2: Make Pop-Ups a default for Certain Conditions

Also in Health History Setup, you can edit medical conditions and allergies to indicate whether the pop-up alert option is selected by default when added to an individual patient’s Health History.Click the Medical Conditions (or Allergies) tab, highlight an item in the list, and click Edit. Check the box for Display as Pop-up Alert, and click OK.