You create and complete patient appointments hundreds of times each day as part of your workflow. But what should you do with those completed appointments from the past that are no longer needed?

You should purge old appointments from Dentrix on a regular basis, keeping only the last 1-2 years of appointments. And as of Dentrix G6, you can also purge old events as well. When you purge old appointments and events, searching for patient appointments takes less time, because you will have cleared out old data you don’t need anymore.

To purge appointments and events:

  1. In the Appointment Book, select File > Purge Appointments/Events.
  2. Enter a Cutoff Date. Appointments and events before this date will be purged from Dentrix.
  3. Click OK. A warning message appears asking you to confirm that you want to purge appointments. Click OK to continue with the purge.

Additional Tips

  • Dentrix automatically creates an entry for each purged appointment in the patient’s Office Journal.
  • Purging appointments and events does not purge unscheduled appointments. If you want to purge unscheduled appointments, click the Appt List button in the Appointment Book, and then click File > Purge Unscheduled Appointments.
  • When you purge appointments, other users do not have to close out of Dentrix.