Whether it be in an operatory or the consulting room, you have that one workstation where the monitor is more easily viewable by patients. Have you mastered the “hurry up selection” technique on that computer – getting in and out of the Select Patient dialog box as fast as you can so that (you hope) the patient in the room with you doesn’t see the personal details of other patients as you switch to their account?

To alleviate this worry, on each computer you can customize the Select Patient dialog box to remove columns of information. That will cut down on the amount of information visible to patients. 

In the Select Patient dialog box, right-click a column header. Select or clear the check mark next to the column headers as needed, leaving the search results and Recently Selected Patients list as uncluttered (or as detailed) as you’d like. 

A typical Select Patient dialog box, showing all available information
A Select Patient dialog box only displaying patient name and status information.

This customization only takes effect on the computer you are working on, so while this computer shows minimal columns of information, your other stations can still view all the details.

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