You’re used to seeing the procedures in the Ledger listed chronologically with a running balance. But have you ever noticed that sometimes the Balance column just displays dashes instead of the running balance you’re used to seeing?

That happens when the Ledger is sorted by something other than the date. If you’re using Dentrix G6 or higher, you can click the column headers to sort the Ledger by the other columns, like provider or tooth number.

Let’s say you have sorted the Ledger by tooth number. The procedures on tooth 4 will be listed before the procedures on tooth 10, even if the procedures on tooth 10 were completed before the ones on tooth 4. In that situation, Dentrix can’t show a running balance because the transactions aren’t being displayed in chronological order.

If you want to get the running balance back, all you have to do is click the Date column to sort the Ledger by date again.

Additional Information

  • You can right-click column headers in the Ledger and select which columns are visible.
  • You can expand or collage the width of any column in the Ledger by hovering your mouse over the dividing line between columns and then clicking and dragging to expand or collapse.