Dentrix comes with several pre-installed clinical note templates and prompts. Depending on the needs of your practice, there may be templates that you use every day. But there may also be templates that you have never used and don’t need.

If you delete the individual templates and categories you don’t need, it will be easier to find the clinical note templates you actually need.

For example, a pediatric dental practice may want to delete the clinical note template categories for Orthodontics and Fixed Prosthetics so they don’t take up space in the clinical note list.

To delete a clinical note template you no longer need:

  1. In the Patient Chart, click the Clinical Notes tab, and then click the Template Setup button.
  2. Expand the template category to view the templates, select the individual template you want to delete, and click Delete Template. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

To delete a clinical note template category:

  1. Delete each template within the category following the steps above. Then click Category Setup.
  2. Select the category to be deleted from the list, and then click Delete Category.
  3. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

Additional Tips

  • Deleted templates cannot be restored and must be re-created from scratch. It’s best to consult with the entire staff to make sure no one is using a template you want to delete, before you delete it.
  • You cannot delete a clinical note category that still contains templates. First delete all the templates within the category, then delete the category.