Did you know Dentrix keeps track of the last time you billed a patient and lists that information for you in the Ledger and the Office Journal?

In the Ledger, the Last Statement Date field reflects the last time the selected patient was sent a billing statement. Each time you print a billing statement for a patient or send a statement electronically, the Last Statement Date field is updated.

Note: The Last Statement Date field is NOT updated if you generate a billing statement and send it to the Batch Processor. The date is only updated after you print the statement or send it electronically. This is true both of statements generated from the Office Manager and individual statements generated from the Ledger.

You can also view the last statement date in the Office Journal, which gives you the advantage of seeing the amount billed in addition to the statement date. To view the date the last billing statement was sent, open the Office Journal and select the appropriate patient. Look through the recent Journal entries to find the last billing statement, or from the Office Journal menu select View > Filters > Billing Statements to limit the display only to billing statements. Click the most recent billing statement journal entry to view the statement date and amount billed.