New features in Dentrix G7.5 can help improve how you get daily tasks done—which helps you deliver the best in patient care. This update delivers a variety of popular feature enhancement requests, like simplifying the month end process and open the office on a day that is closed in Dentrix.

Month End Improvements

Dentrix G7.5 makes it easier to manage the month end process with an updated dialog box that clearly shows what will run. Buttons in the dialog box give users the ability to run, suspend and resume the month end process.  A new warning screen will show when open modules will disrupt the month end process and icons will show which reports completed successfully and which didn’t. 

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New Appointment Book Options

Dentrix G7.5 will make it easier to open the office on days when the office is normally closed and schedule patient appointments. 

Improvements to the Perio Chart

The Perio Chart will feature a specially designed note tool to help you record diagnostic and summary information, including periodontal case typing classifications. With this tool, you can create templates and record notes to supplement your periodontal exams.

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Learn More

Visit the Dentrix New Features page to learn more about the features in Dentrix G7.5 and other recent releases and to download the Dentrix G7 Release Guide.