If you’ve been around since January, you’ve seen a lot of blog posts and tips come your way this year. Over the next two weeks we’re counting down the top ten most viewed tips of 2020. Some you remember and some you may have missed.

We’ll review #10 down through #6 this week, and then finish off the week following with the top five. Then we’ll see you back in January with new content.

Here they are:

#10 – Altering Your Practice Hours in Dentrix

#9 – Inactivating Providers and Staff Members

#8 – Changing Appointment Time Increments

#7 – Setting Up (or Reviewing) Dentrix Passwords

#6 – Generating List of Patients Who Had Appointments When the Office Closed

Don’t forget to join us next week as we finish up with the top five most popular posts of the year!